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Our response to Covid-19

Charity Integrity Audit started 2020 applying the home office model of working, with an option of hot desking, and hire of meeting rooms, where required. Our preferred method of auditing small entities in which the accounting function is done part-time by one or two people, is to have the accounting records either upload to a cloud accounting, cloud storage, or emailed to us. We call this mode, “off site” audit. Thus, no courier of accounting records is required. If couriering is required then the director or team member will organise a physical address. All review level assurances can be done as “off site”.

During any state of emergency, or level 4 pandemic control, all assurance reporting will be conducted as “off site”. Thus, for large organisations with multiple full time accounting staff, that we’d usually visit as an “on site” audit, we can direct you as to how the audit will be conducted as “off site”.